Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is Your Dream Destination?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I'm sitting here with my morning cup of coffee thinking about that question myself. As I sit in my home office looking out my back window, it's a beautiful clear day here in Fort Worth, Texas! Where can I travel next that will afford me the opportunity to see a richness in history, beautiful scenery, friendly people and interesting things to do? One of the destinations that I would like to visit is Acropolis, Greece. Greece has a reputation of romance and is beautiful with a richness in history. There are many beautiful places right here in the United States as well. Frankly, I'm a traveler at heart and plan to spend my retirement doing just that! Given my plan of being a full time traveler, it can be expensive. What if I told you that I could help you reserve travel at wholesale prices, get paid for reserving your travel with access to the most ingenius travel portal on the Internet, would you take a look at what I found? Of course, you would take a look why wouldn't you it's free! Visit my heavily viewed "Travelers Lounge"and reserve your dream vacation at
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{victor} {vic} {fake} said...

hi Greece is really a cool place to visit. age-old place, beautiful architecture....oh my gosh! really wanna have a visit!
by the way i'm victor from h.k. nice to meet u! ;-)

Doreen said...

Hi Vic,
Thank you for visiting my blog and it's great to meet you as well! I think Greece is truly amazing! It's even more breath taking in person. A friend of mine brought several videos back from his trip and it really made me a fan.