Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future!

The future is upon us with great impact. We the people have made this great day in history occur. My blog isn't normally political in content however, I felt very moved by the inauguration today and filled with joy. I believe that Barack Obama is the best person for the job as our leader and wanted to state so publicly! His great words have moved me throughout the entire campaign. Let us embrace change and rejoice with our new leader. Change spearheads growth, new ideas and is the foundation of our country. I would like to share my thoughts in a short reading and here I go!
Time is...change for a brighter day, Time is...long for those who wait, Time is...too short for those who sleep, but for those who rejoice, Time is...Eternity! Let us all rejoice for this wonderful day in history and join our new leader in the quest. Let's make 2009 the best year!

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