Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Pack for A Trip

Planning a trip is a task full of details which can be stressful even though the outcome will be very relaxing & rejuvenating. Whether your planning for a dream vacation, weekend retreat or business trip, packing for travel by sea, land, or air there are different approaches required. The following is a list of 9 tips to help you pack for your next trip.

1. Lessen your load by minimizing your wardrobe. Find out your destination's weather forecast, factor in how long you'll be there, and make a list of clothes you'll need so you don't take more than necessary. Keep it simple.
2. Think outside the bag. Lay out everything you're taking before packing to see if you've forgotten anything.
3. Pack undergarments, sleepwear, and stockings in packing cubes and put them in the bottom of your bag. If security officers need to look through your luggage, your personal items more than likely will not be disturbed. Once you've reached your destination, the cubes can go right into drawers, keeping your items organized.
4. To minimize wrinkles, instead of folding your clothes, lay a couple of items on top of one another and roll them up together. Also, leaving clothes in dry cleaner's plastic bags is even better, whether you roll and pack them in a suitcase or hang them in a wardrobe bag.
5. Utilize every inch of space you have in your bag. Tuck small items into socks, and tuck socks into shoes. This is a trick for frequent flyers. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, leaving more room in your suitcase.
6. If you're flying, liquid items such as shampoo, hair gel, deodorant, and lotions larger than the 3 oz items allowed in your carry-on must be packed in your checked luggage. Be careful, due to changes in air pressure the liquid can expand and leak. It's best to wrap your toiletries in plastic and isolate them in a separate toiletry bag with plastic lined pockets.Another frequent flyer tip is to use Nalgene screw-top bottles, reported to be leak and explosion proof. Always prevent a mess.
7. After packing the bag you plan to check, lay a big piece of paper on top of it's contents with your name and phone number in case your luggage tag is torn off. Be sure to check all your luggage tags to make sure the contact information is current and their intact.
8. Don't overstuff your luggage. If security needs to open the luggage, make sure it's easy to open and close.
9. When carrying gifts leave them unwrapped, whether you've placed them in checked or carry-on baggage.

As the saying goes "planning is everything". Hope the 9 tips used by frequent flyers that I've shared with you today will help you when packing for your next trip. Remember to always research your destination thoroughly before you begin to pack. Visit my Travelers Lounge @ www.nettrav.com/doreen for your free packing checklist.

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